ECE Oil & Gas Ltd


ECE provides Electrical/Instrument engineering services including the supply of software engineers, software solutions engineering, manufacturing and consulting service.

Conceptual and detailed design services permit the production and assembly of process control panels, data gathering, and communication packages in controlled conditions utilizing state of the art Technology from concept to handover, all in house.

Combined Operations Safety Case Engineering, Simultaneous Operations Interface Engineering projects including the preparation, submission and approval of intent along with all the necessary; systems design, structural design, fabrication, installation, commissioning, maintenance, manuals preparation and de-commissioning are available as in house services.

Interface services may also include the turnkey provision of Acoustic Gas Leak Detection Systems and the provision of Hydraulic/Electric solutions for HPU and Wellhead Control Panel design, manufacture, and installation in the event Interface activity is brought about by drilling operations.

ECE also provides additional professional and Technical skilled labour resources to the Hydrocarbon Recovery and Processing Industry, both on and offshore.