HSE Services

Safety Management & Risk Analysis

ECE is a specialist risk management consultancy that undertakes safety management solutions for a number of industry sectors, primarily the Petro-Chemical (Oil & Gas) Industry.

The services that we provide include:

  • Bridging Document compilation
  • Risk Analysis (MAHRA / HAZID Workshops)
  • Change Register Updates
  • Preparation of Emergency Procedures
  • Preparation of Safety Case’s – to the clients preferred format (to suit specific legislation requirements)
  • Liaison with Independent Verification Body Liaison (IVB) and Regulator (Worldwide)
  • Compilation of Certification dossiers
  • Safety Management System Audits
  • Preparation and compilation of Training and Reference Handbooks/Manuals

Risk Assessment

Following the introduction of the IADC 3.2 Guidelines, many of the Drilling Contractors and Operating Companies have decided to upgrade or enhance their HSE Safety Management Systems to align themselves with these guidelines.  Section 4.0 of the Guidelines deals with Risk Management and forms a major section of any Safety Case being assembled.  A majority of the input for this section is derived from a MAHRA (Major Accident Hazard Risk Assessment) Workshop.

ECE use “BowTieXP Software” for MAHRA workshop’s.  The clear, concise, uncomplicated graphic nature of the output assists all participants in understanding the potential threats and consequences.  ECE provide trained facilitators and recorders who are fully experienced in the “BowTie” Methodology to assist you in conducting your MAHRA Workshop.

“BowTie” can be used for any Risk Assessment, although it is recommended that it be used for Medium to High Category Assessments.

The recorded output of a Risk Assessment / MAHRA can be used stand alone or integrated in other documentation such as a Safety Case.

Safety Training

As part of our service, we design, develop and deliver Technical training course’s which include:

  • Risk assessment
  • HSE management
  • BowTieXP software Training
  • Masterclass – BowtieXP
  • HAZID control processes

Courses may be customised to suit the important issues cost, effectively ensuring that all training relates specifically to the Clients assets and operational needs.

Master Class

Governors BV are the developers of BowTieXP, and as a Governors Value Added Reseller we provide BowtieXP Masterclass Training Services worldwide, on a regular basis.

Our Masterclass training programmes ensures that delegates learn how Bowtie output can be prepared and used for inclusion in any HSE Safety Case following the Qualitative Risk Assessment process.

Learn How To

  • Use the BowTieXP software
  • Demonstrate Operational Integrity Management using BowtieXP
  • Use BowtieXP to conduct your MAHRA/HAZID workshops
  • Produce clear, Graphic Risk Assessments with work force involvement
  • Integrate your HSEMS, Policies and Procedures
  • Assign individual responsibilities and record necessary actions
  • Generate Bowtie Outputs for inclusion in a Safety Case

The Process

  • Explanation of the principles of the Bowtie Methodology
  • The relationship between Bowtie and Industry Guidelines and Regulations (HSE/IADC)
  • The SHIDAC process
  • BowTieXP Diagrams / Reports

Use Our

  • Industry experience to develop practical solutions.
  • Sample files
  • BowTieXP Case Studies
  • BowTieXP practical experience

Join in

  • HAZID Risk Assessment Workshop (MAHRA), making a Bowtie
  • Questions and Answers

Safety Software Tools

ECE is a VAR (Value Added Reseller) for Governors BV, providing the following Safety Software Tool Licenses:

  • BowtieXP Software for Risk Assessment
  • Blackbox for Incident Reporting / Investigation
  • Investigator III for Accident / Incident Investigation


Our full BOWTIEXP information is here in PDF format.


Investigator III

Our full investigator III information is here in PDF format.



Our full BlackBox information is here in PDF format.