Tech Services


Mechanical and Electrical contracting has been proven in a large number of diverse applications fully supported by ECE’s capabilities with ‘In House’ design and manufacturing capabilities.

New build, maintenance, Brownfield retrofit, upgrades and refurbishment contracts (EPIC) under standard industry terms and conditions such as Logic / Crine have been used on the following works:

Mechanical / Electrical

  • Blending Control
  • Communications, PSTN, Radio and Microwave
  • Control and Automation, Oil and Gas and Nuclear
  • Filtration and separation systems
  • Flow Control
  • Injections Systems
  • Pumping and Distribution
  • Effluent Treatment
  • Choke Control
  • Workpack Preparation

Electrical / Instruments

  • Alarm Systems
  • Automation / Software Development
  • Electrical Testing (IEE 16th edition)
  • Heating & Ventilation systems
  • Gas Monitoring
  • Generator Standby
  • Power Distribution
  • Systems Upgrade
  • Workpack Preparation

Interface Engineering & Operations

We provide a unique Interface solution, EPIC contracting from developing the HSE Case to design, through labour supply, installation, commissioning, certification to de-commissioning.

Total Interface Engineering = Design + Installation + HSE Services
Our service for interface works have been undertaken to successfully complete the following configurations:

  • Accommodation Interfaces
  • Well Intervention Interfaces
  • Drilling Interfaces (UBD, Low Head, HTHP)
  • SIM-Ops and Combined Ops


  • Bridging Document, incorporation
  • Design (structural, piping systems, personnel protection, Interface layout)
  • Engineering calculations / Work pack Preparation / Procurement
  • Fabrication & Installation (Bridges, Access and Escape Route Steelwork)
  • Interface Commissioning / De-commissioning and Re-instatement
  • Project Planning
  • Provision of Temporary OIMs (NUIs or any other)
  • Surveys (Deck, Footprint, Heli - Approach)
  • Technical Writing

Systems Design

  • Alarms
  • Deluge
  • Shutdown
  • Navigation Aids

Other Interface Services

  • Acoustic Gas Leak Detection
  • Wellhead Control Solutions (HPU and WHCPs)


Installation Services
ECE can provide a team of Technicians, installation supervisors and commissioning engineers, from concept through to handover.

  • General Trades (Technicians, supervisors)
  • Commissioning Services
  • Post Interface Services
  • De-Commissioning Services (Interface)
  • Provision and Installation of Nav-aids (Synchronised)
  • Provision and Installation of Telecommunications Services
  • Acoustic Gas Leak Detection Services (Supply/Install and Mapping)
  • Specialist Services